Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13th March 2013

The house is slowly taking shape, I've been watching far too many DIY programmes on the TV.  The barn conversion is the next big step, arrghh! Got to pack up my studio and all my crafty goodies, I've got 3 days to do it and I suddenly decided to start my blogg. Talk about procrastinating.  It's been two long years since we decided to make the move to sunnier climes, it's been a very up and down 2 years and I just hope that this is the time we manage it.

Global recession, colapsing banks and housing markets and lots of family pressure have resulted in a long wait after a failed attempt at selling the house.  We have finally managed to borrow some money to restore the house and hopefully make it a more attractive prospect for buyers.  Its a lovely old farmhouse and I've loved living here but it really is time to move on :-)

After spending time last year in France we're heading to Italy next week for a look at Piemonte, I'm nothing if not thorough on my research and feel I already know the place well.  I'm seriously looking forward to the break.